[vtkusers] java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: VTKInit ... again

Jeff Lee jeff at cdnorthamerica.com
Wed Aug 2 14:08:49 EDT 2006

Did you ldd libvtkFiltering (if vtk5.1) with your LD_LIBRARY_PATH set?
If you get a clean ldd, then you are ok.  If not, ldd will tell you
which dependencies aren't satisfied.  Probably missing libstdc++ or
something like that.

John L. Papp wrote:
> OK, I've searched around this group as well as the web and have not 
> found any 'fix' for the problem.  This can mean 1)  It was fixed by 
> one of the suggestions but nobody posted this or 2) There is no fix.  
> My obvious question is what is causing this and how to fix it.
> Background:
> I compiled VTK both v4.4.2 and v5.0.1 for Java with what I assume are 
> the correct cmake options.  I have BUILD_SHARED_LIBS on, VTK_WRAP_JAVA 
> on, VTK_USE_HYBRID on and have set various other parameters to get 
> cmake to generate whatever it generates.  I then did a make and 
> everything seemed to work OK.  Things are in slightly different places 
> for each version but I was able to get the SampleVTK.java program 
> compiled and running successfully.  I was even able to lift the 
> vtkPanel object from SampleVTK.java and place it in my own Java 
> program and get it to work.  The problem comes when I want to 
> instantiate a vtkImageData, or vtkPlot3DReader, or vtkStructuredGrid 
> so that I can put one of my own objects in the panel.  But, any time I 
> do a :
> vtkStructuredGrid sgrid = new vtkStructuredGrid();
> I get the classic:
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: VTKInit
>        at vtk.vtkStructuredGrid.VTKInit(Native Method)
>        at vtk.vtkObject.<init>(vtkObject.java:98)
>        at vtk.vtkDataObject.<init>(vtkDataObject.java:286)
>        at vtk.vtkDataSet.<init>(vtkDataSet.java:154)
>        at vtk.vtkPointSet.<init>(vtkPointSet.java:86)
>        at vtk.vtkStructuredGrid.<init>(vtkStructuredGrid.java:202)
>        at SimpleVTK.<init>(SimpleVTK.java:20)
>        at SimpleVTK.main(SimpleVTK.java:54)
> I assume that this has something to do with the libraries.  I have my 
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH set to the location of all the "*.so" files created 
> after the make and even have the CLASSPATH variable set to the 
> java/vtk location as well as the bin/vtk.jar file.  What gives?  
> Anyone have a suggestion.  Basically, I'm at a standstill until this 
> gets resolved.
> Thanks in advance for any help
> John

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