[vtkusers] broadcasting an vtkUnstructuredGrid

Martin Baumann mailsgetlost at web.de
Wed Aug 2 05:55:29 EDT 2006


what would be the best way to broadcast a vtkUnstructuredGrid using 
vtkMPIController and vtkMPICommunicator?
At the moment proc 0 reads the UGrid and sends it to the other 
processors within a for loop.

There is vtkMPICommunicator::Broadcast(...). But there is no one for 
So I could split the UGrid of proc 0 into arrays of double, floats and 
ints containing point coordinates, cell information, and so on
and I could do a broadcast with these. And thereafter merge the data to 
the UGrid on the other procs.
But this way is some circumstantial.

What would you commend?

Regards, M.B.

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