[vtkusers] vtkVolumeTextureMapper3D

Lisa Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Thu Jun 30 17:23:56 EDT 2005


We have been working to convert this class over to using the 
vtkOpenGLExtensionManager. I will probably check those changes in somewhere 
mid-July, at which time the class will compile on all platforms. However, 
you will still need to have the required extensions in order to use the 
class for rendering.


At 02:48 PM 6/30/2005, Simon Drouin wrote:
>Hi all,
>I got vtk from the cvs this morning to try out vtkVolumeTextureMapper3D. 
>Looking at the CMakeLists.txt for vtkVolumeRendering lib, I noticed that I 
>doesn't seem to be possible to use vtkVolumeTextureMapper3D on other 
>platforms than Windows. Is it planed to implement it for other platforms? 
>What's missing?
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