[vtkusers] question about ITK+VTK+MFC

Zhijun Zhang zjzhang at ee.cuhk.edu.hk
Thu Jun 23 12:09:20 EDT 2005

Dear  vtk&itkers:

        I have two problem with vtk itk and MFC integration.  I have a
registration program which was formerly written by using  vtk4 and MFC.   I
use a MFC document and view structure to implement this. I open a MFC window
and then pass the handle to a vtkRenderwindow, then the 2D slice of the
registered image (vtkImageData files) can be shown in a window ,  this works
good for the registration although the MFC message loop processes many
message which should be processed by the vtkRenderwindow, and some operation
such as zoom and shift are void in these MFC window. I am wondering how to
solve this and whether there is an example for this?
          Then the second problem is a more serious problem, I met it when I
am trying to combine the registration method into my former vtk+MFC
registration program. For example, I want to use the demons method to
register two 3D image, I use itkimagereader to read these images, then use
itkimageexport -->vtkImageImport to transfer to my former vtkImageData to be
shown in the former program.  But the program generate a error each time
when I try to open the images, it will occured when the itkimagereader
updates,  the error stops when executing this function:

void VTKImageExportBase::UpdateInformationCallbackFunction(void* userData)
I have seen a similar error at
http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/insight-users/2003-April/003226.html  ,
it seems the problem has been solved, but I have tried the most newest
vtk4.4 and itk2.01 to build the program, the program still exists,
I don't know whether you have these kind of problem or maybe some of you can
give some hints.


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