[vtkusers] TiffReader reading single 3D-Tiff-File

James Carroll jim at microbrightfield.com
Thu Jun 23 10:54:26 EDT 2005

Hi Lars,

The VTK only takes the first image in the stack.  The ITK is aware of tiffs that have whole stacks, and the best advice I've heard so far is to use the ITK to read the stack, then the ITK to VTK functions to bright it into VTK, then VTK will be able to render it.

There's also a way to split the tiff file into individual files using tiffsplit from the libtiff tools, then use VTK to read the files using a filename pattern.  

Since the software that I'm using already has a TIFF stack reader, I'm gluing the code that takes the data already in memory and creates the VTK image volume, avoiding the VTK reader problems all together.


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does the vtkTIFFReader support reading a 3D-TIFF-File, i.e. a single
.tif file containing a whole 3D dataset? (This particular one was
constructed using MeVisLab if that helps in any way.)
If so, how? (When I try to read the file, TIFF-Reader assumes file
dimension 2; setting it to 3 before manually doesn't help either.)

Thanks for any help or piece of information

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