[vtkusers] usage of vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors

Cuypers Wouter Wouter.Cuypers at ua.ac.be
Thu Jun 23 09:36:45 EDT 2005

vtkImageViewer also supports these methods, you might use the viewer to learn the level and window parameters that give the best result.


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Onderwerp: [vtkusers] usage of vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors


I need a filter in my pipeline to adjust the colorwindow and -level of
some input image(s).
My first guess was to use the vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors, but this
doesn't give the desired result. Window and level get changed, but the
resulting image is too dark.

Here's some code(JAVA) where I initialize the filter:

... /* source has type vtkImageData */

// source has scalar type double
// source has scalar type unsigned short
range = source.GetScalarRange();
window = range[1] - range[0];
level = range[0] + (window / 2.0);

windowLevelMapper = new vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors();


* replacing SetOutputFormatToLuminance() by SetOutputFormatToRGB(),
gives the same result.
* using SetOutputFormatToLuminanceAlpha() gives th same result, but
with green colors.
* removing SetOutputFormatToLuminance() or replacing by
SetOutputFormatToRGBA(), gives nothing (black image).

anybody an idea?

thx in advance
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