[vtkusers] Which function should I use to clean out the display?

laohubinbin at sohu.com laohubinbin at sohu.com
Tue Jun 21 21:38:07 EDT 2005

Hello all,<p>I have a trouble in the display of a model(a cube) now.The environment is MS Visual C++ 6.0.And it is a MFC project(Doc-View).I defined the object "vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow *renWin;" and "vtkWin32RenderWindowInteractor *renWinInter;" and other objects.<p>Then I call "renWinInter->Initialize();" and "renWin->Render();" in the "View::OnDraw" function. The model can display in the view. But when I refresh the window using "Invalidate(TRUE);" and leaping over "renWinInter->Initialize();" and "renWin->Render();" the model is still displaying in the view. I want to konw which function should I use or how can I do to make the model not display in the view.<p>Thanks and regards
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