[vtkusers] vtkQt Volume Rendering

Lisa Avila lisa.avila at kitware.com
Tue Jun 21 15:34:25 EDT 2005

Hi Matt,

Are you using the SAME vtkVolume in two different vtkRenderer? This is not 
currently supported (due to OpenGL resource issues - not shared between 
contexts) You have to create two different volumes and mappers for use in 
the two renderers.


At 03:16 PM 6/21/2005, Matthew Seier wrote:
>Dear Users,
>I am using the vtkQt classes by Matthias Koenig to do a ray cast volume 
>rendering using .vol files as input to vtkImageImport.  I am displaying 
>one volume in each of 2 vtkQtRenderWindows inside a Qt Widget.  However, 
>whenever I call the Render() function using the Renderer or Interactor 
>nothing renders, and when I call it using the vtkQtRenderWindow, the 
>program crashes with a Segmentation fault.  I am using a tested vtk 
>pipeline, so I am fairly certain that is not the problem.  I should also 
>add that I am using SUSE Linux.  Does anyone know how to solve this dilemma?
>Here is some of my code to import one of the volumes:
>//file 1 is a string containing a filename
>ifstream f1;
>volume1 = new unsigned short int [bytesize/2];
>    cout << "File not Found"<<endl;
>  imgdata1->SetDataExtentToWholeExtent();
>Thanks for your help,
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