[vtkusers] Can VTK render huge data? How?

tom fogal tfogal at apollo.sr.unh.edu
Thu Jun 16 18:44:59 EDT 2005

 <BAY107-DAV6108BF0601705C197E82DAFF50 at phx.gbl>"Hao Li" writes:
>Hi Guys,
>vtkPolyDataReader reader
>reader SetFileName "$env(VTK_TEXTBOOK_DATA)/honolulu.vtk"
>vtkPolyDataMapper hawaiiMapper
>hawaiiMapper SetInput [reader GetOutput]

... is that the whole script or was there a copy-paste error here?

>I ended up with no any ploygon showing on my screen.   Data file of
>honolulu.vtk is 15 M. I tried other large data. It seems that VTK has some
>problem with handling huge data. Can anybody tell me how to deal with huge
>data such as over 60M?

unless you're missing part of your script above, this isn't because of
the size of the data file (actually, I'd say 60 meg is quite small).
VTK shouldn't have any problems with datasets of this size (it doesn't
for me, at least).

The problem with the above script is that you never actually do any
rendering. After mapping a dataset into polydata, you'll want to
encapsulate that mapping in a vtkActor, and then setup a vtkRenderer to
render that (and maybe other) actors. Finally you'll probably want some
sort of vtkRenderWindow to display the rendered image, so that you can
see it.


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