[vtkusers] RE: vtkImageMapper Help

Abhi Rampal a_rampal at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 16 16:46:46 EDT 2005

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for the reply; and yes vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors class does have 
Window and Level options. I implemented it and quite happy with it.

Thanks again, with kind regard


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-0400<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Hello Abhi,<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Why doesn't the 
second method do what you want?  The <br>&gt;vtkImageMapToWindowsLevelColors 
class has ivars for Window and <br>&gt;Level, so you can adjust these just 
as you do in a vtkImageMapper.<br>&gt;<br>&gt;Lisa<br>&gt;<br>&gt;<br>&gt;At 
02:06 PM 6/16/2005, Abhi Rampal wrote:<br>&gt;&gt;Dear 
Julien,<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;Thank you for replying, giving the post and 
explaning your <br>&gt;&gt;pipeline. I followed the post and wrote the code 
suggested in two <br>&gt;&gt;ways (a) using vtkImageMapper 
(RenderToRectangeOn()), vtkActor2D <br>&gt;&gt;(SetPosition and 
SetPosition2) and (b) <br>&gt;&gt;vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors and 
vtkImageActor. For my current <br>&gt;&gt;application the former works 
better because I can set the window <br>&gt;&gt;color and window level. I 
looked into <br>&gt;&gt;vtkImageMapToWindowLevelColors and vtkImageActor 
classes but they <br>&gt;&gt;don't have this option. However option (b) 
gives the ability to <br>&gt;&gt;zoom, pan, rotate etc which is something 
that I am going to be <br>&gt;&gt;working on next. Would you know of a class 
that does both the <br>&gt;&gt;things that I 
want?<br>&gt;&gt;<br>&gt;&gt;Thanks once again and with kind 
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