[vtkusers] mesh quality using vtkDelaunay3D

Prashanth Dumpuri prashanth.dumpuri at vanderbilt.edu
Fri Jun 10 16:07:58 EDT 2005

  I'm working on creating a tetrahedral mesh from a MR image volume.
Here's a pseudo-code of what i'm doing:
vtkMarchingCubes mcubes
   mcubes SetInput [image_reader GetOutput]
   # this ensures that i encompass the entire volume in marchin cubes
   mcubes SetValue 0 1  
   mcubes Update

vtkDecimate and vtkSmoothPolyDataFilter the marching cubes surface till
i get a smooth surface.

vtkDelaunay3D del
  del SetInput <smoothed_marching_cubes_surface.vtk>
  del SetTolerance 0.005
  del BoundingTriangulationOff
  del Update
When i look at the tetrahedral mesh created by the Delaunay3D filter,
the mesh does not conform to the surface description provided by
<smoothed_marching_cubes_surface.vtk>. I have attached two pictures :
one of the smoothed marching cubes surface and the other of the
tetrahedral mesh created from the smoothed marching cubes surface. I
used vtkMeshQuality to look at the aspect ratio of the tets and a
majority of them have an aspect ratio less than 0.25. 
I would appreciate it if someone can give me pointers on how to improve
the mesh quality.

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