[vtkusers] Please help me: How get pixel data after Render()

Renaud Isabelle renauisa at yahoo.fr
Wed Jun 8 15:16:16 EDT 2005

thanks for your reply. I check out your filter. This could be a good idea. All I will have to do is: 
# Will render in memory.
vtkWindowToImageFilter w2if;
Ok. And I will have a 2D vtkImageData object. 
But then, how can I have to pointer of the pixel data of this vtkImageData object?

Randall Hand <randall.hand at gmail.com> a écrit :
to get the screen image, you can use vtkWindowToImageFilter.. that'll turn the screen display into a 2d vtkImageData object that you can pass to other VTK filters (or in my case, vtkPNGWriter).


On 6/8/05, Renaud Isabelle <renauisa at yahoo.fr> wrote:I'm got really crazy. I don't manage to use double buffering in order to avoid flickering on screen.
I'm using ImageSliceViewer to render a 2D slice of my 3D image on screen. It works well without double buffering except for flickering on screen.
I have already use double buffering in MFC and I have a class CMemDC that works fine to use memory buffering. 
-> All I need is a method to get the pixel data of my 2D slice displayed on screen.Then I can use it to create a DIB Bitmap from what is rendered off screen.  
I found the example of rendering in MFC and I tried the series of instructions:
but all is displayed is a white page. Especially because during process, unsigned char* MemoryData should be NULL.
Please help me. 

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Randall Hand
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