[vtkusers] Problem with select slice of ImageSliceViewer

Renaud Isabelle renauisa at yahoo.fr
Tue Jun 7 11:04:18 EDT 2005

I have a problem while calling  SelectSlice() of ImageSliceViewer class.
When launching my application, this method is called a first time and I can see the first slice of my volume in the window. 
However, when I call this method again, it is always the same slice that is displayed. No change has occured. Why? All I have to do is calling Render() method after having selected a slice, and not execute the pipeline another time, right?
Here is how I call it:
- ImageSliceViewer.SelectSlice(slice);
- ImageSliceViewer.Render();
void vtkSliceViewer::SelectSlice( int slice )
  int MinMaxSlice[6];
  m_Actor->GetInput()->GetExtent( MinMaxSlice );
  if ((slice>=MinMaxSlice[4]) && (slice<=MinMaxSlice[5]))
         MinMaxSlice[4] = MinMaxSlice[5] = slice;

Could someone help me please....




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