[vtkusers] Strange Rendering problem - wglMakeCurrent failed.

Michal Postrozny sandarak at wp.pl
Mon Jun 6 04:51:56 EDT 2005


I've encountered a strange behavior of vtkRenderer.

When I'm calling Render() function (using button in GUI made with FLTK), and the
rendering window is closed (not visible) I get:

ERROR: In D:\Builds\VTK\Source\Rendering\vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow.cxx, line 228
vtkWin32OpenGLRenderWindow (0987A430): wglMakeCurrent failed in MakeCurrent(), error: Nieprawidłowe dojście.
(probably the translation is: "incorrect handle" or "incorrect access")

Despite the error, the screen is rendered correctly or it seems so.

When I manually show the window pressing button which calls
 my_window->show(), and then render, everything is OK.

It would seem that solution is simple, just call show() function
before rendering. But it doesn't work. I'm still getting error.

Another interesting thing is that, when running application, I get
this error only once. After I recieve it, everything is OK.

Somewhere in the mailing list archives, people suggested that this has
something to do with calling render from diffrent threads. But my
application is not multi-threded (or maybe more correct - I haven't
done anything puroposedly to make it multithreaded).

Could somebody help me?

Thanks in advance

Michal Postrozny

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