[vtkusers] please help me

Sivasundaram Suharnan ssivasundaram at axiohelix.com
Sat Jun 4 20:57:17 EDT 2005

Hi there,

I love you use the VTK, but install from source looks very hard for me
as I am a beginner
I would like to use the pre install binary. I
would like to use the imageJ plug in call ij-vtk
I follow the steps what is written there

  IJ Plugins: 3D Toolkit


the install is written at


   1.  Follow the link
      and download latest ij-3D-Toolkit_bin_*.zip.

   2. Locate your ImageJ plugins folder.

   3.Remove from ImageJ plugins folder sub directories named '3D IO'
      and '3D Toolkit', if their exist.

   4.Unzip content of ij-3D-Toolkit_bin_*.zip into ImageJ plugins folder

   5.Add ij-plugins-tookit.jar to ImageJ class path. One of the ways to
      do it is by extending classpath in ImageJ startup script, for
      instance on Windows:

$ java -cp ij.jar;plugins/ij-plugins-toolkit.jar ij.ImageJ

      On Unix like systems (including Linux and Mac OS X) the command
      would be almost the same:

$ java -cp ij.jar:plugins/ij-plugins-toolkit.jar ij.ImageJ

      The only difference is that on Windows you use ';' to separate
      elements of a classpath, on Unix like systems you use ":". General
      information about installing ImageJ can found on the ImageJ
      installation page

   6.To use VTK filters add path to VTK Java classes typically located
      in vtk.jar. VTK binaries and source code are available at
      www.vtk.org <http://www.vtk.org/>.

   7.Restart ImageJ

I thought the problem is with step6, because the other application with use VTK call annot3D aslo
give me the same error
it also says C:/martin/vtk/... not found

is it because of hard code in some ware? I don't have any folder starting with martin.

then I try to install from source code, I able to but not all the classes are input on it
and it is not full fitting for my needs.

Best regards,


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