[vtkusers] SINTAX ERROR found in parsing the header file

David Cole david.cole at kitware.com
Wed Jun 1 12:55:24 EDT 2005

Norberto Sanchez Escobar wrote:

>	vector<vtkEsfera*>			_vBolas;
>	vector<vtkInfoColision> _vColisiones;	/// Vector de colisiones
>	vector<unsigned> _vIdColisiones;
What was the error message? Without that, these are just guesses:

Maybe you need a vector of pointers? ("vtkInfoColision*" instead of 

	vector<vtkInfoColision*> _vColisiones;	/// Vector de colisiones

Or perhaps you need to forward declare all the classes that you 
reference by pointer?

	class vtkLibGenerica;
	class vtkModeloDeformable;
	class vtkModeloHerramienta;
	class vtkModeloEstatico;
	class vtkEsfera;
	class vtkInfoColision;

Additionally, I would recommend avoiding "using namespace" directives 
inside a header file. Put those into each .cpp/.cxx file that needs them 
rather than forcing consumers of your header file to be using this or 
that namespace...

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