[vtkusers] VTK42 & Python2.3 on XP SP2

jck103 at soton.ac.uk jck103 at soton.ac.uk
Thu Jul 28 05:54:33 EDT 2005


   I am fairly new to VTK and have installed VTK4.2 from the windows
binaries onto my desktop which runs XP. I have installed MayaVi and that
works fine so presumably the VTK install went well. I intend to use Python
to talk to VTK however and that is where I am hitting problems.

VTK currently seems to support Python2.1 only from a binary install and I
need to use Python2.3. I've set up all the Paths and PythonPaths etc and
can nearly import the vtk and vtkpython modules except for one error - it
wants python21.dll. Has anyone compiled VTK for this setup who could email
me a few dll's to copy in place to make this work? I think
vtkCommonPython.dll could be modified to expect python23.dll and that would
work? Or do I have to do a full build from source myself? (I have tried
supplying python21.dll and renaming python23.dll as python21.dll but
neither trick worked, unsurprisingly.)

I hope that's a clear explanation of my problem. If anyone knows how I can
get the Python interface to VTK to work smoothly please let me know.


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