[vtkusers] Writing

Kyle Johnson krj at seas.upenn.edu
Wed Jul 27 13:57:53 EDT 2005

I have a WindowWidget like in OrthogonalPlanesWithTkPhoto.py and I
would like it write it to a file using vtkJPEGWriter.  I am unable to
pass the widget into the input of the writer since it is widget and
not a vtkRenderWindow.  I was wondering if there is any way that I can
possibly convert the two efficiently.

Secondly, as in the same example, I have a vtkTkPhotoImage that I
would also like to write to a file.  I tried using
tphoto.write("temp.jpeg", from_coords=Position), but the file created
has nothing in it.  It is like 11 Mb where the input file is 200.

If anyone has any advice on either question, I would greatly appreciate it.

Kyle Johnson

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