[vtkusers] Re: Re: Use vtkCleanPolyData to delete points/cell in

Leon Chen liming.leon at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 20:05:43 EDT 2005


Thank you Goodwin, I will have a look at 
and grab the good idea inside it, :)

By the way, anyone know when the vtk5.0 will be released? 

And, I tried my idea about vtkcleanpolydata to modify the vtkPolyData
today, it doesn't act like i expected... I have to made some
correction about it here:

- the vtkCleanPolyData filter will definitely remove some unused
points, but it will not remove the cells which are labled as 'NULL'
already. Am I right?

- So today I had to copy the old polydata in to a new cellarray...
just ignored the 'NULL' cells...
Then set the cellarray into a new polydata...and set  the old points. 
Lastly I applied the clean filter on the new polydata to remove unused points.

- What's annoying me is that I have to update point & cell separately! :S

Problem was solved, but not so beatifully...


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