[vtkusers] vtk 5.0

Allen R. Lorenz allenlorenz at charter.net
Fri Jul 22 20:36:21 EDT 2005

I have check this website and Wiki / FAQ still show june for vtk 5.0, also, have not seen any branch updates for CVS ? Any new information ?

As to why people are asking out it (?)

1) Time between Releases measured in years. (Microsoft timescale...)

	In fact August 2004 was to be the initial release of 5.0 or was it earlier ? )

	You have Fedora with two major releases / popularity of 64bit increase / and 
         Major gcc version change since the last release

2) Many user don't want CVS / snapshots 

	Yes I know there ins continual testing ( Dashboard ).

	Developer of tools/apps ( ex vtk designer ) would like to test / develope against release not a moving target
	Other users would just want the (stable (old)) release with (os/compiler tweaks) think there is a crowd of Mac user there)
	User who think they have found a bug ( would be much more inclined to report / test / debug ) against an official release vs. a snapshot.


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