[vtkusers] connecting vtk and itk on os x

Martin Costabel costabel at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 20 08:40:59 EDT 2005

Will Woods wrote:
> Thanks for the info. I see it is also trying to link against 
> -lvtkFilteringPythonD so a quick symbolic link *appears* to fix the 
> problem. Any idea what the 'D' version of the libraries are for (there 
> are quite a lot of them)? 

Others can probably explain this, I am just observing: Darwin has this 
disctinction between dynamic libararies (.dylib) and modules (.so). For 
the Python system you need modules that can be loaded on demand, but 
these cannot be used as dylibs for linking with executables. So one 
needs both. The *Python.so has the runtime interface with Python and the 
corresponding *PythonD.dylib is the library properly speaking. On other 
systems (and on MacOSX for other bindings than Python), these two are 
rolled into one.

> Unfortunately I'm now having another 
> (related?) problem (see below) with Undefined symbols...

Looks like you are missing a couple of libraries on the link line, for 
example -lvtkImaging and some of your ITK stuff.


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