[vtkusers] running tcl examples in vtk..

Kalpathi Subramanian krs at uncc.edu
Tue Jul 19 16:55:33 EDT 2005

I am a little rusty on this. I have set the TCLLIBPATH
variable, but still there is some problem, as detailed

> coits015% echo $TCLLIBPATH
> /graphics/apps/graphics/vtk/lib/tcl/
> coits015% ls $TCLLIBPATH
> README           vtkcommon/       vtkimaging/      vtkrendering/
> pkgIndex.tcl     vtkfiltering/    vtkinteraction/  vtktcl.c
> vtk/             vtkgraphics/     vtkio/           vtktesting/
> vtkbase/         vtkhybrid/       vtkpatented/
> coits015% vtk warplens.tcl
> Application initialization failed: invalid command name "tcl_findLibrary"
> Error in startup script: invalid command name "tclPkgUnknown"
>     while executing
> "tclPkgUnknown vtk {}"
>     ("package unknown" script)
>     invoked from within
> "package require vtk"
>     (file "warplens.tcl" line 1)
> coits015% 

	-- krs

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