[vtkusers] font size problem

John Platt jcplatt at lineone.net
Wed Jul 13 17:02:23 EDT 2005

Hi Ian,

I am not sure if it's the plot title or axis labels you want to change.
In RenderOpaqueGeometry(), the call 


uses the viewport size as the target area for the constrained title font
size. My understanding was that all composite 2D actors should 'fit'
within the plot actor.

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Well, my problem is the other way around actually, I am displaying as 
many as 20 continuous plots on the screen at a time, so as you can 
imagine, they are pretty small.  I am trying to figure out a way to make

the charts readable.  Do you happen to know where in the code, I could 
change the part that constrains the font size.  I'll take a look around 
myself as well.  Thanks for your help,

John Platt wrote:

>Hi Ian,
>The font size is determined automatically to fit the fraction of the
>vtkXYPlotActor allocated for the Title/Axes. Increasing the actor size
>or reducing the number of characters will typically cause the font size
>to increase. I have recently submitted some suggestions to put a
>on the constrained font size to prevent fonts becoming too large. I
>don't know whether this would help.
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>Is it possible to change the font size in the xyplotactor...I can
>all other attributes, but it seems that no matter what size i put for 
>the setfontsize it uses the same one.  thanks,
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