[vtkusers] vtkProbeFilter with element type 10 or 24

Ursula Kose ursula.kose at philips.com
Tue Jul 12 01:50:14 EDT 2005

Hi Francois.

Thanks for you reaction. I took a closer look to the vtkProbeFilter
functionality and I actually
implemented a probe filter myself.
For this filter I use the FindCell and the FindAndGetCell functions of the
vtkDataSet and now it
appears to me that those functions do not work properly with the
tetrahedral cells. I still need
to extract the problem and then I will send an example source and the input
(a plane) to you
which I would like to work with the probe filter.


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>Hi Ursula,
>For the linear tetrahedra (10), can you isolate some cells that make the
>probe filter fail and send them to me?
>There have been some patches since the last VTK release for the probe
>filter (bug 571 and 565). Despite of that, I also got some bad result in
>the quadratic tetrahedron case (24). I suspect the implementation of
>vtkQuadraticTetra::EvaluatePosition() to be too naive because
>it uses a straightforward none-robust Newton's method.
>Ursula Kose wrote:
>> I do have an urgent question regarding the vtkProbeFilter.
>> I am using vtk 4.4.2. I tried to use the vtkPobeFilter with a plane
>> generated with vtkPlaneSource on an unstructured grid with element type
>> resp. 24 (Tetrahedral elements). However, probing an unstructured grid
>> these element types does not give the result that I expect. I can use
>> filter on unstructured grids with hexahedral elements without problems.
>> I remember to have put this issue on the mailing list quite some time
>> and I even sent examples of my meshes and what I try to do with vtk as
>> extract to someone at vtk. This someone has even confirmed that this
>> to be a serious bug of vtk but obviously nobody has taken care of
>> this bug. I really need this to work!
>> Kind regards,
>> Ursula Kose
>> By the way - my last name was Goette when I first mentioned this
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