[vtkusers] vtkExecution: How to modify to control pipeline execution???

Steven Boyd skboyd at ucalgary.ca
Fri Jul 8 15:48:50 EDT 2005


This is further to my earlier e-mail (7/7/2005).

I am writing a filter that has N inputs, and one output (sub-classed 
from vtkImageMultipleInputFilter) where I need to control the pipeline 
execution so that only one input is updated at a time and then released 
from memory.

In my filter (f), how can I modify vtkExecute for each input so that 
when an f->Update() is called, not all inputs to the filter are read 
into memory until explicitly instructed?  Explicit update should be 
controlled within f::ExecuteThreaded(...).

In my filter I propose the following:

f - filter
i - input

In f::ExecuteInformation()
   -- collect input connections (GetInputConnection for all connections)
   -- for each connection, i, get the vtkExecute pointer
   -- modify vtkExecute so it won't update at f->Update() (HOW??)

Then, in f::ExecuteThreaded(...)
   -- loop through inputs, i:
       - explicitly update vtkImageData input connection n (HOW??)
       - process data and add to output vtkImageData
       - release input from memory
       - *repeat with next input connection

Can somebody please help me understand how to modify vtkExecute?  Any 
other ideas?



ps. If I break the pipeline in f::ExecuteInformation() with 
i->SetSource(NULL) then upon f->Update() the filter errors out because 
there are no inputs.

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