[vtkusers] serial to parallel XML vktUnstructuredGrid converter via filenames?

Peter Schmitt pschmitt at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 11:53:11 EDT 2005

Is there vtk functionality to create a parallel vtk xml file from
input of an array of serial vtk xml files?

Motivation:  I have 3 gigs of data.  If I attempt to load all 3 gigs
of data and export to a vtk parallel unstructured grid (pvtu) format,
my program aborts because my computer runs out of memory when
allocating arrays to store the data (i.e. vtkPoints, vtkFloatArray,
etc...).  However, I have no problem exporting data in my custom
format to n-number of individual vtk unstructured grid files.

I would like vtk to create a single parallel vtk unstructured grid
file (pvtu) which points to n-number of serial vtk unstructured grid
files (vtu).  I imagine that vtk might have such functionality and I
would like to avoid writing a custom app to do this.

The vtk users guide doesn't point me to any such functions, and the
vtk book itself doesn't even have the xml formats in it.  I couldn't
find any such functionality via the online vtk documentation either,
but maybe I'm missing something or looking in the wrong place.


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