[vtkusers] Null Scalars & Panoramic Cut

Panja Sae-ui panja.sae-ui at nectec.or.th
Wed Jul 6 01:42:25 EDT 2005

I am working in a dental software and implementing panoramic cut feature.
I have done RuledSurfaceFilter to create an arbitary plane and ProbeFilter
to cut my volume with the plane. it's done beautifully as the suggestion
in the mailinglist.

My problem is that I would like to view the content on the plane in 2D. I
try to GetScalar from a PolyData obtained from ProbeFilter but it did
return 'null'.

I have seen posts for this kind of problems but it doesn't solve it, does
it? I did try casting Scalars to vtkFloatArray (I am using java) as one of
the answers suggested; it 's not work.

Well Please help.


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