[vtkusers] no tk events from vtkTkRenderWidget? bug? (Modified by Bradley Lowekamp)

Bradley Lowekamp blowekamp at mail.nih.gov
Mon Jan 24 17:06:46 EST 2005

I am using tcl/tk to write some GUIs. and  I am trying to bind tk 
events to my vtkTkRenderWidget and I am not getting any!  I have a 
recent CVS version of VTK. I am also using tcl/tk 8.3.?. Here is a 
little example of what I am talking about.

vtkTkRenderWidget .rw

vtkRenderer ren1
[.rw GetRenderWindow] AddRenderer ren1

pack .rw

bind .rw <Destroy>  {puts "destroy"}
bind .rw <KeyPress> {puts "keypress"}

With a script like this I am not getting anything printed out no matter 
what event I try. I know I can get a hold of some of the interaction 
events through the Interactor callbacks and events. But that does not 
cover some of the windowing related events that I would like access 
too. Has this feature been removed or is there a bug with my build? Is 
this feature in a test or an example so I can check to see if I am 
doing something wrong?


Bradley Lowekamp
Management Systems Designers Contractor for
Office of High Performance Computing and Communications
National Library of Medicine
'blowekamp at mail.nih.gov

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