[vtkusers] vtkClipPolyData

Reinhold Füreder R.Fureder at exeter.ac.uk
Sat Jan 22 10:39:11 EST 2005

Dear Karl,

In case you are still looking for a solution: since your input is a 3D
binary image already you could try to extract the 2D image plane
directly instead of going the way of doing a "pseudo voxelisation"?
Please correct me, if I am missing something.

To fill the contour you can use image processing floodfill operation
assuming the contour is closed and has no selfintersections (other
conditions?), or if you prefer visualisation algorithms implement scan
line or rasterisation algorithm (again at least the contour must be
closed) as used by the graphics card for instance...
BTW, there are more (3D) voxelisation algorithms available in VTK, most
of them taking vtkPolyData as input.

HTH Reinhold

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> Hello,
> i would like to cut a 3d binary image by using the vtk 
> implicit plane widget and convert the output back to an itk 
> image. The miage contains a sphere where the pixels inside of 
> the shpere are white and everything outside is black. I 
> managed to cut the image an convert the polydata using 
> vtkImplicitModeller and VTKImageToImageFilter. Ht eproblem 
> is, that the Implicit Modeller is only returning the contour 
> of the cut polydata. What I would need is that everything 
> which is inside the initial sphere (and "inside" the cutting 
> plane) is white and everything outside is black again. I 
> would really appreciate, If somebody could
> give me a hint on how i could achive this.   
> Karl Fritscher
> Research Assistant
> UMIT-Austria
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