[vtkusers] event pending on MS Windows XP and X-Windows on Irix

Arjen Ricksen ricksen at natlab.research.philips.com
Thu Jan 20 09:00:03 EST 2005

Dear all,

I have a fundamental problem on event queues.

I'm trying to interrupt the renderer when a rendering job takes too long and I want to perform a mouse drag for rotating a volume. The method described in the vtk users guide makes use of AbortCheckEvents that are sent by the renderWindow during rendering. These events are observed and on all these events you have to check for pending mouse events with the method GetEventPending of the class vtkRenderWindow. If there are  pending events my code aborts the render process by calling the SetAbortRender(1) of the class vtkRenderWindow.
This sounds all very nice, but it doesn't work on a MS Windows XP OS. There are simply no events pending.

I tried the same on an  X-Windows on Irix and there it works fine, there are pending events and thus I'm able to abort the render process whenever I perform a mouse drag.

Is there a fundamental difference in the way MS Windows and X-Windows pass events to Java's VM event queue?

This problem is probably not connected with Java, we tried the same code in C++ on both operating systems, on X-Windows we got pending events whereas on MS Windows we got none.

Last but not least I make use of level-of-detail actors (vtkLODProp3D), mouse drags are performed with a desired update rate of 10 while a mouse release sets the desired update back to 0.01 so the renderWindow can render its highest resolution LOD.

With king regards,

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