[vtkusers] Mac OS X visualisation wont respond to keyboard commands

Lachlan Blackhall lachlan at chryatech.com.au
Thu Jan 20 05:10:17 EST 2005

Gday again,

I have but one more question for everybody out there, thanks for all 
the help so far.

I have compiled static cocoa libraries on mac os x and i can interact 
with the visualisations by mouse but the keyboard commands, w for wire 
frame, p for pick, s for solid etc all get sent to the command prompt i 
launched the visualisation from instead of to the visualisation window. 
  So basically i still have minimal interaction ability.

Does anybody know how i can route the commands to the windows instead 
of the command prompt or is there a different way i can build or 
compile to get the same results.

Thanks again


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