[vtkusers] Mac OS X Runtime Issues

Lachlan Blackhall lachlan at chryatech.com.au
Wed Jan 19 17:15:22 EST 2005

Gday fellow vtk users,

When i run the samples, or any other vtk programs i can see the 
visualisation but i cant interact with it. I know i have called the 
WindowRenderInteractor->Start() method so its not this.

I have compiled static Carbon libraries for vtk and have linked the 
OpenGL, Carbon and AGL frameworks when i compiled each program.

While i can click on the close, minimise,maximise buttons on the 
visualisation, the window cant be moved. I am running the programs from 
the terminal so when i type a letter it gets sent to the terminal 
instead of the visualisation. Im not sure where the error is or if i 
cant call some method to run the window in a seperate process so i can 
actually click it.

Any suggestions would be great cos im getting kinda desperate.




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