[vtkusers] Few Questions about VTK

Randall Hand randall.hand at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 10:03:52 EST 2005

I've been working with VTK for about a week now, and have a few
questions to pose to the community:

1)  I've been using GA Tech's Large Geometric Models Archive
(http://www.cc.gatech.edu/projects/large_models/) for test datasets. 
They all work pretty well, except the PLY dataset for the famous
Stanford Bunny.  Attempting to load it (either in VTK or Paraview)
yields "get_ascii_item: bad type = 0".   Bad file, or bad loader?

2)  I've spent the last few days attempting to compile VTK 4.4 with
Mesa 6.2.1 for offscreen rendering support, and I'm happy to say it
finally works!  But, I can't run the examples since I can't get the
TCL Wrappings to compile properly, I get hundreds of errors about "GOT
Overflows", and the recommended -LD_LAYOUT:lgot_buffer=20 doesn't seem
to fix it.  I was able to duplicate the sample in C/C++ and it works
flawlessly, but the TCL is currently unavailable to me.  Are there any
directions on how to do this compile that are updated with these newer
versions?  (All I could find was the VTK2.2/Mesa4.0.4 on the Wiki

I'm working on an SGI Irix system, and generating n32 binaries.. fyi.

Randall Hand

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