[vtkusers] vtkClipPolyData

Karl Fritscher Karl.Fritscher at umit.at
Mon Jan 17 05:14:25 EST 2005


i would like to cut a 3d binary image by using the vtk implicit plane
widget and convert the output back to an itk image. The miage contains a
sphere where the pixels inside of the shpere are white and everything
outside is black. I managed to cut the image an convert the polydata
using vtkImplicitModeller and VTKImageToImageFilter. Ht eproblem is,
that the Implicit Modeller is only returning the contour of the cut
polydata. What I would need is that everything which is inside the
initial sphere (and "inside" the cutting plane) is white and everything
outside is black again. I would really appreciate, If somebody could
give me a hint on how i could achive this.   

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