[vtkusers] Re: ray cast rendered stereo is LR reversed

Dr. Daniel James White PhD dan at chalkie.org.uk
Mon Jan 17 02:14:43 EST 2005

Hi All,

I added a bug report to the bug tracker,
I'm not sure if it is already fixed in CVS,

I am trying to use this feature very often, and it needs to be fixed,
as it is quite fundamental to visualisation of complex data.



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> Subject: [vtkusers] Raycasting Stereo Reversed
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>>> Hi,
>>> When I render polygonal data in a stereo enabled render window the
> stereo
>>> pairs appear fine. But, when I use raycasting to render a volume,
> the
>>> stereo pairs are reversed. Setting the EyeAngle to a negative value
>>> corrects this when using raycasting only, but when I attempt to
> render
>>> both polygonal data and a raycasted image in the same renderer, one
> of the
>>> two is always reversed.
>>> Can anyone lend any assistance?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Nicholas
> Hi Nicholas.
> I came across the same stereo issue as the one you had posted on the
> vtk list some time ago about the volume/polydata stereo render being
> reversed. I was wondering if you found out any solution in the
> meantime.
> I too tried to stereo render both volume and polydata and got the same
> result. (but instead of using a stereo hardware I created two render
> viewports for the left and right eye (for cross eyed viewing)).  It
> looks like the stereo volume pair renders are swapped. While the
> polydata looks fine in 3D stereo, the volume is swapped (therefore it
> looks reversed in cross eyed viewing). You can tell that by the
> misplacement of the volume in the following stereo image below. I don't
> know much about how the rendering is done in vtk, but it looks to me
> that the volume is rendered separately from the polydata (using the
> polydata to crop it) then later recomposing the volume and polydata
> rendering, but in the wrong order (left and right swapped). Btw, this
> cropping (see how the axes crop the volume) appear even in a single
> render window once you hit 3 (to toggle between stereo and normal
> mode).
> Any ideas how to solve this issue?
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