[vtkusers] Raycasting Stereo Reversed

Marius S Giurgi rendezvous at dreamxplosion.com
Fri Jan 14 17:23:08 EST 2005

 > > Hi,
 > >
 > > When I render polygonal data in a stereo enabled render window the 
 > > pairs appear fine. But, when I use raycasting to render a volume, 
 > > stereo pairs are reversed. Setting the EyeAngle to a negative value
 > > corrects this when using raycasting only, but when I attempt to 
 > > both polygonal data and a raycasted image in the same renderer, one 
of the
 > > two is always reversed.
 > >
 > > Can anyone lend any assistance?
 > >
 > > Thanks,
 > >
 > > Nicholas

Hi Nicholas.

I came across the same stereo issue as the one you had posted on the 
vtk list some time ago about the volume/polydata stereo render being 
reversed. I was wondering if you found out any solution in the 

I too tried to stereo render both volume and polydata and got the same 
result. (but instead of using a stereo hardware I created two render 
viewports for the left and right eye (for cross eyed viewing)).  It 
looks like the stereo volume pair renders are swapped. While the 
polydata looks fine in 3D stereo, the volume is swapped (therefore it 
looks reversed in cross eyed viewing). You can tell that by the 
misplacement of the volume in the following stereo image below. I don't 
know much about how the rendering is done in vtk, but it looks to me 
that the volume is rendered separately from the polydata (using the 
polydata to crop it) then later recomposing the volume and polydata 
rendering, but in the wrong order (left and right swapped). Btw, this 
cropping (see how the axes crop the volume) appear even in a single 
render window once you hit 3 (to toggle between stereo and normal 

Any ideas how to solve this issue?

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