[vtkusers] OpenGL hardware for Vtk 5

Nigel Nunn nNunn at ausport.gov.au
Thu Jan 13 08:56:50 EST 2005

Way back when, Sebastien's and Robert's "VTK Sphere Benchmark" was
very useful for getting an idea of the relative performance of the
hardware of the day for use with Vtk.  Is there any similar table
of results for more modern graphics cards?  More specifically, can
anyone report on the Vtk performance of current consumer-level nVida
and ATI graphics cards?  I notice the GeForce 6800/6600 family have
8,12 or 16 vertex pipelines -- running at amazing clock speeds!

Soon I will need to render 6 separate fields in a single window,
each with say 5 million simple triangles and a couple of lights,
updated every couple of seconds.  Will this sort of pure OpenGL
workload be handled by current "games" cards (which apparantly
handle 500 frames per second of 1600x1280 OpenGL Doom3 :~) or
do the Quadro cards still have better geometry throughput?

Since DirectX is irrelevant for Vtk, and SpecViewPerf seems to be
testing features not needed for simply splashing around 50 million
untextured triangles, a few new benchmarks and results would be
very helpful for those tooling up for Vtk 5.0

Also, any comment about Rivatuner and SoftQuadro for Vtk?


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