[vtkusers] Line intersection with volume ?

ursula.kose at philips.com ursula.kose at philips.com
Tue Jan 11 03:53:40 EST 2005

Hi Ingo.

>Hi all,
>I have this problem, that I have a given line and a
>given 3D volume and I want to know, if the intersect.
>Any hints in that direction ? Do I have to use
>something in the direction of raycast or so... ?
>(it's a bit more generell, not specific on VTK)
>  Ingo

Did you ever try the vtkCellLocator filter? With locator->SetDataSet you
have to
give the data set to the filter that you want to check and then you can use
IntersectWithLine function to see whether there is an intersection or not.
I don't
know how this filter handles multiple intersections (when the line crosses
whole 3D object) but I guess that it will give the first cell the line
intersects with.

>Another thing: The intersection of 2 given 3D volumes.
>How can I determine the intersected volume ?
>  Ingo

About this other thing: I would probably try to program a filter myself
that checks for
every point of the one object whether or not it lies in the volume of the
other object.
I do something similar with the function FindCell that belongs to the

Greets - uuund tschuesss ;)


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