[vtkusers] need help on vtkArcPlotter

Amy Henderson amy.henderson at kitware.com
Mon Jan 10 14:16:18 EST 2005

At 02:06 PM 1/10/2005, Dark Computing wrote:
>Hi All, I am very new in VTK and I would greatly appreciate a help on
>these matters :
>1. How can I acquire points contained in the vtkArcPlotter's output
>(which is a vtkPolyData isn't?), because I tried to do this in TCL
>script :
>vtkArcPlotter arc
>   arc SetInput someDataset
>puts [[arc GetOutput] GetNumberOfPoints]
>the output is : 0, while someDataSet contains a polyline with some
>points, and it looks well when I try to render it

You need to call Update on the arc plotter before you try to access 
information from its output.  This is not a problem when you render the 
data because the rendering process updates the filter for you.  Try adding 
"arc Update" (without the quotation marks) before trying to get the number 
of points from the output.

- Amy

>2. how can I make vtkArcPlotter looks solid (polygon) and can be colored
>by the scalars, instead of only a polyline. If I try to use
>vtkRibbonFilter instead, it looks neat but the problem is that the width
>is varied on both sides.
>Please help and thank you in advance
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