[vtkusers] Reissue of vtk binaries-4.? on Windows 95

D.M.P.Davies dmpd at onetel.com
Fri Jan 7 14:47:59 EST 2005

Any Windows 95 users out there,

Has anyone out there managed to run the windows binaries of vtk4.?
(from tcl) over the last year.
I contactedthe user group  stating that the pipeline, for an altered
method ,did not seem to operate.

The advice given was to get rid of all evidence of earlier versions of
tcl and vtk from the system - this was impractical as I was developing a
l arge tcl application.

Now ---- Goodwin Taylor has generated a Starkit for version 4.5 (great
idea)  - which allows me to easily test on a second windows 95 OS (with
no MS Studio/Tcl/vtk  on it0  and the current laptop
Result : both systems show exectly  the same error.

[Note Goodwin did point out that the  pipeline execution code has
changed  (and changing) in 4.5]

So..... -  has anyone  managed to get  a working windows 95

Many Thanks in anticipation.

Dave Davies

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