[vtkusers] VTK binary I/O problem

thorsten becker twb at usc.edu
Wed Jan 5 22:20:39 EST 2005


I am having problems with VTK binary I/O (vtk DtaFile Version 2.0 format, using paraview 1.8.x):

The binary VTK file that paraview writes on my Intel Linux box does not decode
to the ASCII float values I would expect from a simple ASCII VTK example input file. 
When I try to write VTK binary following instructions in the VTK format manual, paraview crashes with this file.

I suspect that there is either some additional field length information encoded in the VTK binary format, or that there is an assumption about little/big endian that is different from what I would write on Intel with C-type direct binary I/O. 
The VTK manual (p. 2) says that one can use "methods" to switch from big to little endian. How can this be done in a VTK input file? 

Any help or comments to these issues would be appreciated. (Yes, I checked the mailing list and FAQ, but didn't find anything proper.) 

Thanks much


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