[vtkusers] Re: black polygons

Louis Desjardins lost_bits1110 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 4 13:37:25 EST 2005

Okay btw just to give you a better idea of the filters I'm using:

i render the sliced unstructured mesh using the following pipeline:

UnstructuredGrid -> Cutter -> GeometryFilter -> Stripper -> PolyDataMapper 
-> LODActor

I do AddActor for this LODActor (lets call it meshActor) to the renderer 
prior to adding the following actor (lets call it planeActor), which goes 
through the following pipeline:

PlaneSource -> PolyDataMapper -> LODActor

I would have thought that since I added planeActor after meshActor, that we 
shouldnt be able to see the mesh underneath.. but it seems like there are 
some holes or some mixing or confusion of some sort, since I can see small 
areas showing the mesh polygons underneath at random times

Thanks for your help


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