[vtkusers] vtkCutter on unstructured grid overwrites cell data (VTK 4.4)

John Platt jcplatt at lineone.net
Mon Feb 28 06:22:33 EST 2005

Hi Users,


I think there is a problem colour mapping cell scalars using vtkCutter
on an unstructured grid. The grid contains 2 cells, a hex and a quad.

Cutting the hex creates 2 triangles - vtkHexahedron::Contour() calls 


      newCellId = polys->InsertNextCell(3,pts);



creating new triangles with newCellId =  0 & 1.


Cutting the quad gives a single line - vtkQuad::Contour() calls


      newCellId = lines->InsertNextCell(2,pts);



creating a new line with newCellId =  0.


Unfortunately, the CopyData() in vtkQuad::Contour() overwrites the cell
data for the first triangle. On more complex geometries this causes the
renderer to crash because the cell data is not present.


I think the calls to copy the cell data need the new cell Id in the
aggregate polydata, not the individual lines or polys - something like


      outCD->CopyData(inCd, cellId, vtkCutter->NumberOfNewCells++ );


Any suggestions for a resolution would be very much appreciated.



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