[vtkusers] overlaying 2D images and rectangles

Alexis H. Rivera-Rios ahrivera at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 26 21:33:09 EST 2005


I will appreciate if someone can tell me an approach
to do the following:

I want to visualize the output of an image processing
algorithm which detects objets on an image.  After the
algorithm runs I want to draw the 2D gray scale input
image and colored rectangles around the detections.

Using vtkImageData, I'm able to draw the image.  And
using vtkCell and vtkPoints I can draw rectangles.

But, if I use vtkImageViewer2, my rectangles and the
drawing are in different coordinate systems.  So I
can't center a rectangle around the detection
coordinate  (the detection coordinate is in pixels).  

Using vtkImageViewer seems to do the trick except when
my images are small ... then  I can't resize them (or
don't know how to).

Has anybody done something similar?  Any ideas on how
to approach this problem?


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