[vtkusers] vtkAppendPolyData

Denis Saussus dsaussus at fugro-jason.com
Thu Feb 24 06:05:17 EST 2005

Unless I misunderstood, just use
   apd = vtk.vtkAppendPolyData()
   apd.GetOutput() <== use this as the input to the filter requiring vtkPolyData



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Hello vtk users,

I have a lot of vtkPolyData so I put it in a vtkAppendPolyData, but when I 
try to set the input of a filter as vtkAppendPolyData I get an error because 
the filter acepts vtkPolyData but doesn´t acept vtkAppendPolyData.

How can I transform vtkAppendPolyData with all the vtkPolyData into a single 
vtkPolyData or something like this?

Thanks for all,

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