[vtkusers] Volume rendering of vtkUnstructuredGrid

jiksed jiksed at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 23 19:00:45 EST 2005

No one responded to my last email. Now I cut my qestion short. Here are a few errors I got
while compiling my program:
E2316: SetScalarModeToUseCellData() is not a member of 
E2316: SetVolumeRayCastFunction() is not a member of 
There is no example or test about how to use vtkUnstructuredGridBunykRayCastFunction.
IntermixedUnstructuredGrid.tcl did not use any raycast function either. Any comments
about this? I am using VTK4.4 on WinXP.
Will someone please tell me what's wrong? Thanks a bunch.

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