[vtkusers] wxVTKRenderWindowInteractor inside wxNotebook crashes

Kalle Pahajoki kalpaha at st.jyu.fi
Wed Feb 23 02:48:43 EST 2005

Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:

>    KP> p=wxPanel(self,-1) and change the line
>                  ^^^^^
>That should be wxPanel(nb, -1)!
And it was in the code, but of course I managed to typo it for my 
posting. So that was not the issue.

>Besides, why do you need to use a panel?  For some reason the sizing
>of the panel is badly affected and I only get a tiny window embedded.
>Use a SplitterWindow instead.  It works and looks nicer as well.
I get the same crash, If I use a splitterwindow that is inside a 
notebook as the parent to the RWI. If,
OTOH, I move the splitter window out of the notebook, then it works 
fine. So the problem seems not to be so
much the containing  widget, but that it is embedded in a wxNotebook. I 
guess it's something to do with the
management of the windows that notebook does, but with my limited 
understanding of such issues, cannot
guess where to begin to look for the problems.

I understand that my way of using these widgets may be rare :-)  If this 
is not something that someone has already
encounterd & solved, I'll try to go around the issue using the 
SplitterWindow you mention, but splitting the window in a way that the 
notebook is in it's own half.

>    KP> from wxPython.wx import * 
>    KP> from vtk import * 
>Importing so many symbols is generally bad practice and can lead to
>heartache.  I would assiduously avoid such imports.
That was just a simple example that I found and modified for my own 
purposes. I never do this on my own code :-)

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