[vtkusers] Display solid and outline.

Mathieu Malaterre mathieu.malaterre at kitware.com
Mon Feb 21 10:42:05 EST 2005

Ahmad Hosseinzadeh wrote:
> Hi
> I've used vtkUnstructuredGrid for saving my 3D data.
> I want to represent them in solid and outline but I
> cannot find the corresponding filters for
> vtkUnstructuredGrid.
> I found vtkFeatureEdge and vtkPolyDataNormals filters
> for PolyData, would you please help me find the same
> filters for vtkUnstructuredGrid?

vtkUnstructuredGrid are always displayed as polydata. Unless you use 
vtkShrinkFilter you cannot really see the 3d dimension. You can have a 
look at:

[Surface and Wireframe Together?]


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