[vtkusers] Error handling cells data in 2D grid when stored in XML format

Max Lapan lapan_mv at inbox.ru
Sun Feb 20 01:56:47 EST 2005


I don't know is this ParaView of VTK issue, but netherless:

when I trying to create VTS data file (XML structured grid) with cell
data component, paraview fails to read it with strange error message:

Error or warning: There was a VTK Error in file: /opt/build/paraview-1.8.1/VTK/Filtering/vtkDataSet.cxx (405)
 Cell array Part Id with 1 components, has only 0 tuples but there are 50000 cells
ErrorMessage end

When grid is 3D, etherything works ok, the same as for old data format
(not XML). 

Paraview even fails to read data which saved by it before 
(use 'Point data to cell data' filter then Save).

Any suggestions?
Best regards,				
Max Lapan

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