[vtkusers] How to change the actor data without deleting it.

John Platt jcplatt at lineone.net
Sat Feb 19 12:09:41 EST 2005

Hi Ahmad,

If you want to destroy a mapper, try

	Actor->SetMapper( NULL );

If you use vtkDataSetMapper, you should not need to do this as this will
handle both vtkPolyData & vtkUnstructuredGrid.



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I want to change the actor data (e.g. add/remove a
filer to/from actor) without removing the previous
actor and create a new one.
I have disconnected the actor from renderer before
setting the mapper but it dosen't work. The
application halts when I want to connect data to actor
using "setMapper()" method.

Do you have idea how to figure it out?


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